Awards Presentation

Why Give Awards?


Recognizing service milestones and special achievement is good business and has Ten Specific Benefits.

-Improve Quality
-Encourage Teamwork
-Build Morale
-Create Awareness
-Increase Loyalty
-Foster Responsibility
-Raise Levels of Achievement
-Save Money by Decreasing Turnover
-Enhance the Award Givers Image in Community & Among Customers


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The following are a few tips on getting the best out of your award presentation, and on making the moment a memorable one for the recipient.

-Make the presentation special by offering an awards dinner or taking time away from work for some treats.

-The efforts of an awards dinner will always be remember by the recipient, his close friends and family along with many others attending an awards presentation.

-The recipient of the award will always remember the quality of the award, the presentation and almost every thing about the event. Of course, this is dependent on the level of the recognition and qualifying criteria.

-Being recognized as a group or as an individual can be a big moral booster for the employees and builds camaraderie in them. Service anniversaries, safety, sales, and special company awards are often presented in a dinner/gala setting.

-It is meaningless if presented in a poor or disrespectful manner.

-It is up to the presenter to make the award meaningful and respected by all. The presenter should never make a negative comment during the presentation. Keep the presentation upbeat and memorable to all recipients, their families and friends.

-If the award winner is known by the presenter, they should be introduced and asked to join the presenter on stage.

-After the recipient is on stage, then the presenter should talk about the award and why it is being presented. Everyone wants to know what the individual did to receive the prestigious award. The presenter should make the presentation short and to the point, avoiding any embarrassing comments.

-If a spotlight is available, it should be focused on the winner.

-If there are photographs being taken, it is important that the MC or presenter take charge of the situation so the moment is captured for friends, family albums and future generations.

-Hold the award in the left hand and have the winner hold it with his left hand. The handshake should be made in front of the award. Now, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, hold this position and say “Congratulations on your accomplishments” and wait for the recipient to say, “Thank you”. This will allow time for the photographs to be taken. Before releasing hands, look out in front of you for any stragglers taking photos. Hold the position as required to be polite without delaying the program. If someone is waiting to capture the moment on film, say “Lets pose for the picture” and hold the handshake until the picture has been taken. You may have to position your self prior to the presentation so the photographer can get a good picture of the presentation.

-Remember being in the photo validates the recognition.

-Get the photograph published to show how important the award is. Most local newspapers want to promote awards programs as a service to the community. If the award is internal to the company, post a news bulletin in the company newsletter or web site.

-Keep in mind that the recipient is surprised, happy, and often times thinking what to say in acceptance of the award.

-MC should make sure the award is on top of podium for presentation. Read the wording on the award.

-Recognize the sponsor of the awards.

-Display the award before hand or after if possible. Every time you give an award for MVP, top sales, safety, etc, you are instilling in others the desire to achieve this very thing next year.