Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines


We have setup these guidelines to ensure that our mission statement is met….."to provide the finest quality awards and personalized gifts to our customer who will be as proud of the award as the winning recipient."



B&B Awards and Recognition reserves the right to determine whether artwork received is process ready. Artwork will incur a minimum charge of $35 per half an hour. We will give you an estimate prior to starting work on the project.
Artwork will be kept on file for 2 years.
Please put ARTWORK as your one word subject line. Include in the body of your e-mail your contact information and the information about your project.

File Formats

The best files for engraving are vector files. They will incur only a $5 download charge.
We prefer to have vector files in their native software. The following is a list of formats in the order of preference: Corel Draw X6 (CDR), Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated Post Script (EPS), Adobe Acrobat, PDF.
All text should be converted to outlines/curves and it is advisable that you also include a low resolution bitmap or fax of your logo or layout for comparison.
All Files must be in PC format.


All liability for submitted art and copy rest solely with the customer and not with B&B Awards. Customer must certify authorized use of any copyrights, patent trademarks or any similar protections.
We are Officially Licensed for use of all Illinois State University Institutional Marks as well as Redbird Athletics.

Faxed Proofs

There is no charge for the first paper proof sent via fax or e-mail on orders of $40 or more. Any "Author’s Adjustments" made to an award layout will be billed at $35 minimum per half an hour.
Additional proofs will be faxed at a charge of $5.00. The customer will not be billed for corrections of faxes due to B&B Award’s error.
If proofs are required allow 3-5 extra working days for your order.

Laser Engraving

Artwork for Laser Engraving should be black and white in a vectored (CDR, AI, EPS, WMF, PDF) format.
Some grayscales and color items are acceptable as well as Bitmap images, TIF, JPEG, or similar files, however using these types of files will require us to do a pre laser test starting at $7.
If your file or image does not engrave nicely we will provide the vectoring service for $35 minimum per half an hour.

Computerized Engraving

Artwork for Computerized Engraving must be vector based (Corel Draw or Illustrator) and in most cases will incur some art charges or /setups in order to engrave your piece properly.

Typestyle and set-up

We reserve the right to use our judgment as to typestyles, sizes and layout unless otherwise specified. If a sample is furnished, we will follow as closely as possible.


Customer is responsible for accuracy of name spellings. Wording will not be taken over the phone. All wording may be e-mailed or sent via fax (309)828-3948.

Computer Generated Artwork

By sending your computer generated artwork to us on a computer disk or by modem, you are assured of receiving a high quality imprint that is both accurate and economical.
B&B Award’s Art Department uses Corel Draw X6.
Artwork can be done in a vector based graphics program such as Corel Draw x6 or Illustrator PC Based. We are unable to open your Mac files. Please convert all text to curves or include the font file.
Scanning your logo and putting it on a disk is not acceptable, you will incur art charges to make your artwork usable. All logos/artwork sent in Microsoft programs (i.e. Word, Publisher, etc.) will incur additional charges.

Full Color Artwork

Please provide high quality, crisp, full color pictures, logos and images.
From a disk or modem the image should be at least 150 DPI and no more than 400 DPI and at 100%.
Some acceptable formats for Full Color artwork besides CDR, AI, EPS, WMF, PDF, are TIF (best bitmap) and JPEG. (We are unable to use logos downloaded from the internet. The standard for web pages is 72 DPI.) NO GIF's


Artwork for imprinting/sublimation should be black and white. Artwork with Grayscales is acceptable most of the time. Crisp black and white laser printed artwork can be submitted for us to scan minimum 500 DPI.
Scanning cost with minimum touchup is $7 with camera-ready black and white artwork. If unclean artwork with jagged edges is submitted, we will vector draw your artwork. Vectored images are $35 minimum per half an hour.

Glass Engraving

Art work for Glass Engraving must be crisp black and white artwork. No jagged edges, no grayscales. Preferred artwork is CDR, AI, EPS, WMF, PDF. Black and White Artwork may be submitted for us to scan minimum 500 DPI.
Scanning cost with minimum touchup is $10 with camera-ready black and white artwork. If unclean artwork with jagged edges is submitted, we will vector draw your artwork. Vectored images are $35 minimum per half an hour.
If any of the following are submitted for artwork, an additional artwork charge will be applicable: Photo copies, faxes, letterhead or other imprinted products such as t-shirts, hats, napkins, patches, etc. Business cards with raised letters, Newspaper clippings, shiny surfaces. However, we can work from these items to create your finished artwork for $35 minimum per half an hour. Your artwork will stay on file for use on products created or ordered by B&B Awards, if you would like a copy of your artwork via e-mail or disc, there will be an additional charge of $35